International hike in Bulgaria

International hike to Cherni Vrah, Vitosha mountain

Mount Vitosha is one of the most adored and visited mountain in Bulgaria. It is the first  officially declared Nature Park on the Balkans to protect alpine meadows, century-old forests and peat bogs. The dome-shaped mountain is crisscrossed by many walking trails, but the most scenic area is the Plateau and the highest peak named Cherni Vrah (2290m asl)

On 7th August 2021 group of international hikers from Austria, Croatia, Italy and hosted by Sofia based Bulgarian Sport Development Association participated in hike to Mount Vitosha just stone throw from capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. Meeting point for the group of about 40 hikers was at Lift Simeonovo - cable car bringing participants from the Sofia to the base station - Aleko hut, of our hiking tour. To reach the top of the mountain Cherni Vrah (Black hill) took as about 2 hours of following our guide Nicola. During the hiking on the top we could admire A stone run (called also stone river, stone stream or stone sea) is a conspicuous rock landform, result of the erosion of particular rock varieties. Hiking Vitosha is great family activity, since the hike itself is easy, overlooking the capital of Bulgaria and possibility to visit mountain hut at the top of the Cherni Vrah. After more then one hour lunch break overlooking. Whole hike was 12 km in total with +590/-590 ascend/descend.