Plan your solo nature clean up carefully and follow the recommendations

Social distancing outdoors can also be difficult - especially when there is contradictory advice about where to go, and you can't predict how others will behave. Staying active and spending time outdoors are all critical to our mental and physical health in the best of times, and even more so when a Stay at Home, Stay Healthy order is in place. Suggestions to help you get outside responsibly.


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· Stay local Nature’s not closed, but staying closer to home is the best choice

· If you're outside walking by yourself, you're not exposed; if you're out walking the dog by yourself, there's no risk… it's when you have contact with other people that you need to be concerned."

· Some green spaces and parks in urban areas may not be big enough to safely accommodate visitors at peak times. Go in off hours or take a walk around your neighborhood instead. It's important that crowds not gather.

· Go alone or only with people you already live with.

· Wash your hands when you get home before touching anything or anyone else in your household.

· Wear disposable gloves to protect your hands

· Wear face mask or scarf if it's in your country compulsory.

· Avoid touching your face and be aware that trash was littered by unknown person.

· Most trail and park restrictions will be prominently posted. If your walks take you to someplace that is closed, please respect the guidelines.

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